LEOMINSTER (CBS) – For the past six decades, a Leominster man has been more than decking the halls.

Louis Charpentier has been covering his lawn with so many decorations that it earned him the title “Mr. Christmas.”

“Every year, I add one, two, three pieces,” Charpentier said.

He hand crafts each decoration, which, at just six days shy of his 102nd birthday, is no small task.

Charpentier started drawing at age 3, carving at 7, he has carved at the Smithsonian, he’s received letters from the White House.

And everyday, he heads for the basement to create something new.

The mayor has also named him Mr. Leominster.

The community adores him. A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of cub scouts came out and put all the decorations out and counted them: 281.

Charpienter sheepishly admits that is the same number as last year.

“I got this lazy this year and didn’t make any,” he laughed.

There’s always next Christmas.

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