My name is Bradley Jay and I host the Jay Talking radio show which airs every Sunday evening at 10pm on WBZ NewsRadio 1030.
I am told I have a knack for photography. Recently, I was considering putting together a gallery show to sell some of the photos, but then I came up with another idea. It occurred to me that I should post the most popular photos on the Jay Talking web page to share them with Jay Talking fans for free. So here you go. Here is today’s Jay Talking feature photograph.

This photo was taken at the Great Pyramid in Giza. Giza is a suburb of Cairo and you can see the pyramids in the distance from certain vantage points in Cairo. If you should ever visit the pyramids, beware the camel-ride guys who want to take you for a camel ride. What they really want is to financially fleece you at every turn. Go ahead and ride the camel, but don’t let the camel driver take advantage of you.

And, of course, you must go into the pyramid itself, but be aware that at he end of the back-hunching tunnel there is only an empty, undecorated stone room. Still, what are you going to do, not go inside the Great Pyramid after traveling all that way.

That said, the area is magic and still one of the worlds great experiences.