By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

WATERTOWN (CBS) – While most of us spent the day filling up on turkey and stuffing, others waited in folding chairs, sleeping bags and tents outside stores like Best Buy.

Tariq Bashir and his friends got to the Best Buy in Watertown at 11 p.m. Wednesday night.

“It is not only us. It becomes a little more fun hanging out,” he said as he looked at the line of about 30 other people.

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Bashir checked out the Black Friday circular and says the deals are worth the wait.

“I want a few things. A TV, maybe a laptop, and maybe an iPod; and my wife has some requests,” he said.

By most estimates, the Friday after Thanksgiving can account for 40% of November and December retail sales.

At Best Buy, the hottest purchase seems to be a 40-inch Toshiba television for $179.99.

It’s what has Roger Barberra and his friend, Hector Garcia waiting 15 plus hours in line.

“Honestly, I was checking online and it retails for $450. So right off the bat you save $300,” he said.

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Garcia is buying one too.

“It’s my Christmas gift to myself,” he added.

Like many stores, Best Buy will hand out numbers for the big sale items before the doors open.

It is a crowd control measure; and Garcia, a return Black Friday shopper, says he’s seen these sales turn to mayhem.

“My first year, the Walmart in Natick, as soon they opened the doors people just rushed,” he remembered. “I saw a lady get hit by a shopping cart. I saw an old lady get pushed down.”

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At Walmart in Manchester, New Hampshire we found a few shoppers scoping out deals.

The store was open Thursday, but the special sale items were staggered.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports from Wrentham

“We came here to scope the deals out,” Dan Stingl told us. “They’re great deals.”

“Everything is marked off as not yet for sale until tonight,” shopper Matthew Ricker said. “But they are definitely stacked to the hilt and ready to go.”

Before you go, it may pay to take the sale circular with you.

The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation this will help make sure the prices advertised are the prices you pay.

Also, many retailers will match their competitors’ prices, so you may save even more cash.

Is it worth the wait? First-time Black Friday shopper Joe Walsh says yes.

“I want to buy a laptop. It’s an HP six gig and it’s in there,” he said.

Thanksgiving dinner will have to wait.

“Turkey subs tomorrow morning,” Walsh joked.


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