SEABROOK, N.H. (CBS) – It’s a spectacular view for residents who live along the Seabrook coastline, 170,000 tons of sand blasting from a pipe onto the beach.

“It’s fighting against Mother Nature, but you have to do that in order to maintain,” says longtime resident Ken Clark. “Eventually, these waterfront houses would be endangered.”

The Army Corps of Engineers just started the $3.1 million dollar project to dredge sand from the bottom of Hampton Harbor.

The purpose is to clear the harbor so commercial fishing vessels can get in and out. As it is now, fishermen are sometimes held up for hours by sandbars at low tide.

What to do with all that sand?

Crews have put down an intricate pipeline that stretches for more than a mile to Seabrook Beach to protect it from erosion.

Susan Spruce has been watching it from her back porch.

“We can use all the sand we can get over here. If you look at Plum Island, the houses are falling into the ocean. So any protection we can get is always good.”

The project director says once the crew finishes at Seabrook Beach, they’ll move up to Hampton Beach.

They hope to have it all finished by the new year.

Christina Hager


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