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LYNN (CBS) – Riley McManus sits in his living room with his family in tears over the death of his twin brother Dillon. “He was my best friend. We were two parts of one whole and I feel like I lost half of myself with him. He meant the world to me,” Riley cried.

Dillon and Riley McManus

Back in September, both Dillon and Riley were crossing the street in the crosswalk right in front of their Lynn home when they were both struck by a Hummer. Dillon was killed and Riley sustained severe head and neck injuries and was in a coma. Back in 2010, while Dillon was getting his license, he decided he wanted to become an organ donor. Little did he know that in his tragic passing, he would help save four individuals in need of organs.

“Donating his organs and saving four lives is a testament to his character,” Riley said. Dillon’s mom says his son gave his heart to a 20-year-old college student in Boston, his kidney to a 40-year-old woman, his liver to a 40-year-old man and his second kidney to a boy who can now eat solid foods. “There is a constant struggle out there for people waiting for an organ and there’s just not enough,” Colleen McManus said.

The family says they hope to meet these individuals. “Just to see that they’re doing okay. I mean if Dillon saved them, then I care for them,” Riley said.

The entire McManus family are organ donors. It’s a decision they made before they lost their son and it’s a message they hope hits home to other families. “It would be nice if no one had to lose their life, but at the same time there are thousands of people who are right now grappling with their future,” Gerry McManus said.

Paul Burton


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