By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV

FOXBORO (CBS) — The list of thing’s he’s done wrong are long, and his spats with authority are many. But his talent has never been in question.

After serving his four-game suspension, Aqib Talib spent the early part of this week getting accustomed to the Pats defense. Talib is keeping his feet on the ground.

“I’m just coming in, and doing what is asked to be done,” said Aqib. “If that’s help right away, it’s help right away. If it’s help down the road, it’s help down the road.”

He understands that people are going to be looking at him to solidify the Pats’ secondary but at the same time, he seems very confident in his ability.

“Whatever’s asked, man,” said Talib. “I’ve played man before, I’ve played zone before. It’s my fifth year in the league. I’ve played almost every coverage there is to play. Whatever they ask me to play, that’s what I’m going to play.”

Already though, he feels this team is the right fit for him.

“The guys have been great, man,” said Talib. “They’ve embraced me and I love the team already.”

Brady’s ‘Hello’ To Luck Might Have To Wait

Sunday’s game is being billed as the old guard versus the new guard.  Tom Brady has become a staple in this league. He’s seen many young quarterbacks come and go. He feels, though, that Andrew Luck has some staying power.

Luck is a rookie but already he’s shown the league and Brady that he has leadership skills.

Tom recalled how that had to happen for him.

“That’s part of the position,” he said. “That happened and I had 18 months to develop camaraderie with the guys that I played with and it was a lot of time and practice spent with extra coaching sessions and so forth.”

Tom remembers being out there for the first time getting ready as a starter and seeing Peyton Manning, when Manning said hello. As for Sunday, Brady doesn’t know if he’ll introduce himself to Andrew Luck. When asked, he said he tends to keep to himself in the pregame.

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