By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

BEVERLY (CBS) – A Beverly woman who allegedly threatened to blow up the police and fire departments and threatened to kill police officers is under arrest after she made a simple mistake.

ashley galvin Beverly Woman Allegedly Threatened To Kill Police Officers, Blow Up Hospital

Ashley Galvin arrested for alleged death threats in Beverly

Beverly police say 20-year-old Ashley Galvin sent anonymous e-mails to the police chief, the deputy fire chief and several officers she randomly chose from the department website. They say she called herself a “frequent flyer” with the police stating “you have all dealt with me. I have so much anger toward you people.”

Beverly police officer David Costa said, “Until we found out who it was and say it’s not credible we couldn’t treat is as nothing.”

Especially when more e-mails threatened to blow up Beverly Hospital which was put in lockdown for 24 hours. Brooke Cuoco, whose grandmother is a patient, said the threats made her nervous. “It’s not like I can take her out of here,” says Cuoco. “She needs to be here and for somebody to make a statement like that is dangerous.”

Galvin, who lives in a group home not far from the police station, also demanded that the officers put $100 in envelopes and leave them at the drop box at the Beverly Library or face the consequences.

“She could have hurt people, no doubt,” said Costa. Police said she almost set fire to the bathroom at the library until she mistakenly e-mailed a picture of the inside of the building, alerting police she was there.

When she was arrested they say she had lighters in her pockets. “I think we’re talking about somebody who’s a little bit disturbed so she might have been a threat,” said Pat Cirone, the library director.

Police say they never found any bombs or bomb-making materials, and doubt she would have carried that out. Police say she has an assault and battery on her record and was known to the department for what they called medical issues.


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