By Sera Congi, WBZ-TV

BROOKLINE (CBS) – When Brookline firefighter Matt Healy first set out to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, he hoped he could fill his small car with donated goods and drive down to New York City.

But the outpouring of generosity from the community soon outgrew his tiny Toyota Corolla.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Healy said. “It’s way over my head.”

Healy and his fellow firefighters packed up a U-Haul full of donated items Wednesday. Bags and boxes filled of clothes, cleaning supplies and other essentials. Healy coordinated with a charity in Staten Island to identify what goods are needed.

“I never expected this much. It’s not going to save anyone’s life but it’s going to make a world of difference,” said Healy, who will leave for New York on Thursday.

After dropping off the goods, he plans to stay the weekend to donate some of his own ‘elbow grease’ and help victims clean up.

“I just wanted to do more that had more of a direct impact,” he said.

The Brookline Firefighters’ Union is paying for the U-Haul, gas and lodging.


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