Mike Pereira of Fox Sports joined Felger and Massarotti to discuss some of the bad calls in Week 10 of the NFL.

How bad was Week 10 for the NFL officials?

The guys discussed some controversial calls from the Bill-Pats game. Why is pass interference such a tough call to make?

“It’s hard to officiate that,” Pereira said, noting that one pass interference call on Buffalo was on an uncatchable pass and another came after very minimal contact. “There’s so many moving parts to it. It’s inconsistently officiated, and that’s just because it’s so difficult. To have that pass interference call in the end zone that in my mind was clearly incorrect, and then to put the ball at the 1, is just an egregious penalty for what, in this case to me, turned out to be a mistake.”

They also talked about the clock issue and the procedure penalty in the Rams-49ers game.

Would there ever be a time where quarterbacks will have to wear flags to avoid contact?


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