It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Rich to talk about a few of the movies coming out this weekend.

“Skyfall” and “Lincoln” are the big titles hitting the screen this weekend, but first Rich had to discuss some movie news.

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Someone is joining the Transformers in their next movie, and had he been in the previous film maybe they wouldn’t been so bad. Actually, they probably still would have sucked, but now Marky Mark Wahlberg is on board. Things have to get better, right?

Moving on, Brad Pitt is in a new zombie movie called “World War Z.” This film — as many films before it — was a book first, so get ready for all the people telling you “the book was better.”

Has anyone ever said that the movie was better than the book? Why do people always insist on comparing the two?

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Plus, Rich has some news on who could be getting a role in “Expendables 3?” Don’t get too excited though…

As for the movies hitting screens this weekend, “Skyfall” is the newest James Bond film and it’s being compared to “The Dark Night.” It’s being called the darkest and most realistic Bond film ever, plus you can see it in IMAX.

Another film coming out today ‘Lincoln,’ which Rich thinks is one of the worst movies made in some time. It’s unnecessarily long and only contains about 45 seconds of actual Civil War action. Rich only gave this film a one out of five, so you might want to stay away. Plus, we all know how the story ends. At least those who paid attention in history do…

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Rich also played a preview that he saw during “Lincoln.”