I would never talk that way to almost anyone, certainly not to a state’s Chief Executive, but ya know what folks, I’m getting a bit tired of that trash-talkin’ guy from New Jersey known as Chris Christie.    When he first hit the scene, I have to admit it was rather refreshing. He didn’t take crap from anybody, he suffered no fools as they say, and a lot of people including  yours truly, liked what he was saying.  He’s very bright, he’s articulate, his politics are close to my own and this guy was suddenly being talked about on a national scale…maybe a Vice Presidential candidate.  A bit  of a stretch for sure, but it was mentioned.   The people who tried to challenge  him verbally, i.e. womens groups, school teachers and most of all….those awful people known as reporters learned in a hurry, Big Chris is ready to put you down.    He’ll call you stupid, he’ll question your intellect, and if you don’t like what he’s telling you….”smarten up and go to hell.”

     After parts of his state got destroyed recently by Hurricane Sandy, I thought maybe he would soften up a bit, become a little more humble, become a lot more gubernatorial….but no.   He spent some time sucking up to Barack (understandable) while the President was feigning concern for the people of New Jersey.      Big Chris joined BHO while they looked into the camera lens and told the folks of the Jersey shore…“we’re here for you, don’t worry, we’ve got your back” and every other time-worn cliché you can think of  and here we are a week later, and the folks hammered by Sandy are still waiting, starving and now freezing to death.  Take a look at Chris….he’s obviously not  missing any meals.  (sorry that was unfair) and what’s he still doing?   He’s still talkin’ trash to anyone who challenges him, simulating how tough he thinks he is. I saw him doing it again in an interview today.

     Governor…..Zip it!   Leave that Joyzee idiot talk to Snookie, JWoww, Pauly D, The Situation and those other morons who give your state a bad name.   You’ve got a lot of offer Chris and possibly a bright future beyond your corrupt blighted state, but right now you’re a Governor, the Chief Executive of New Joyzee.     Act like one Dude ;-) and just Zip It…..Yes you!!


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