Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise and plan to make three more movies. They have already planned to release the first film in 2015.

Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo out to talk to some nerds at a comic book store to get their thoughts about the sale of franchise and to play a little game.

Before all that, Adolfo asked the guy “what’s in your stack,” wanting to know the comic books the dude is buying. This led to a real conversation about comics that got very… nerdy.

Adolfo asked the gentleman the following questions and the guys tried to guess the answers.

1. What is your favorite snack?

2. What is your favorite beverage?

3. Name three characters from Dr. Who.

4. Who shot first Han or Greedo?

5. Who was the creator of Dungeon & Dragons?

6. Did Boba Fett die?

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