BOSTON (CBS) – The Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail is trying to find a home for a turtle that was abandoned on board one of its trains.

The turtle was discovered on one of the seats of a Providence/Stoughton-line train at South Station around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

“After calling area animal shelters to make sure no one had reported the turtle missing, MBCR staff made a comfortable spot for the turtle in the South Station Lost & Found while he waited for his owner to pick him up,” an MBCR spokesperson said in an email to CBS Boston. “During our hard-shelled friend’s train station stay we have made sure to keep him safe, well-fed and warm.”

The MBCR originally believed the red eared slider turtle was simply forgotten and left behind accidentally.

However, after reaching out through social media, they were informed by some riders that the turtle appeared to have been abandoned by a passenger headed to the airport.

The MBCR now says they’re trying to find the turtle a safe home. They’ve reached out to New England Aquarium and other agencies in an attempt to find the turtle a good home.

“We’d love to see our good-natured train turtle find a good home in a classroom, aquarium or discovery museum,” the spokesperson said. “Though he’s been a great guest during his stay, a train station isn’t a good home for a turtle.”

For information or suggestions on a good home, you can contact MBCR at 617-222-8119 or on Twitter or Facebook.


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