CONCORD, NH (CBS) — A wine with a controversial name will stay on the shelves at New Hampshire state liquor stores, despite objections from a member of New Hampshire’s Executive Council.

The complaint is over the wine’s name, “If You See Kay,” which sounds like the spelling of a particular four-letter expletive.

“We need to set a higher standard for sales and marketing,” Councilor David Wheeler reportedly told The Union Leader, saying that the bottle labels “violate community standards.”

The wine, which is priced at $19.99, is selling very well, and according to The Union Leader, the state Liquor Commission decided that pulling it off the shelves wasn’t worth it.

“We sold 10 cases last week,” Joseph Mollica, chairman of the State Liquor Commission told The Union Leader. “We don’t want to offend anyone, but we also don’t want to miss an opportunity.”

Mollica reportedly further defended the decision by pointing out that the liquor stores cater to adults only.

However, opponents argue that families and children do use the restrooms and other facilities inside state liquor stores. That could be why officials reportedly have agreed to move the wine to the back of the stores.

If You See Kay is produced by well-known vintner Jayson Woodbridge.

Woodbridge built his reputation on the superluxury Cabernet Sauvignon Hundred Acre, which goes for about $300 a bottle. He also owns number of mid-range wines.


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