Aidan from Millbury, MA

Allie from Salem, MA

Amanda from Rowley, MA

Andrew from Metheun, MA

Annie from Marblehead, MA

Anthony from Peabody, MA

Ashley from Townsend, MA

Billy from Dracut, MA

Bruno from Kennebunk, MA

Cameron from Gloucester, MA

Devon from Brockton, MA

Elizabeth from Marblehead, MA

Emily from Danvers, MA

Emily from Salem, MA

Emily from Topsfield, MA

Eric from Nahant, MA

Faith from Essex, MA

Grace from Salem, MA

Harrison from Millbury, MA

Jack from Salem, MA

Jackson from Haverhill, MA

Jackson from Nahant, MA

Jamie from Marblehead, MA

Jayne from Salem, NH

Jennifer from Groveland, MA

Jessica from Salem, NH

Jordan from Deerfield, NH

Katie from New Brunswick

Kelly Driscoll from Marblehead MA

Lyla from Sharon, MA

Marcella from Brazil

Natalie from Salisbury, MA

Nick from Hamilton, MA

Nick from Salem, MA

Nyela from Roxbury, MA

Olivia from Peabody, MA

Owen from Dorchester, MA

Patrina from Essex, MA

Rachel from Lynn, MA

Rachel from Manchester, NH

Rylee from Derry, NH

Sarah ft. Caroline from Byfield, MA

Sean from Dracut, MA

Sydney from Sterling, MA

Thiago from Lynn, MA

Will Emerling from Salem, MA

Zander from West Gloucester, MA


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