EAST BOSTON (CBS) – Calvin Clemons says his pit bull named Bruin is not dangerous and that he was provoked before he escaped Clemons’ apartment Friday.

Last week two of his dogs escaped out of his front floor window in East Boston. Moments later police say Bruin went on a rampage killing a cat and biting at 13-year-old boy twice. Clemons says he believes the teen may have been taunting the dogs before they escaped.

Bruin was shot by police in the jaw, but he did not die. He is expected to return home later this week.

“It pains me, because that dog means a lot to me,” Clemons said.

This pit bull attack comes just weeks before the state’s new animal cruelty law goes into effect November 1st.

The law will eliminate muzzles on any dog but Boston Mayor Tom Menino wants to block the change.

Clemons says his pit bulls are not a threat to anyone.