By Paul Burton, WBZ-TV

BILLERICA (CBS) – Glenn Corbett and Yolanda Beavers embraced each as if they’ve known each other for decades.

With tears streaming down their face the two met for the first time on Friday at Logan Airport.

Yolanda says her life is no longer her own, thanks to a Glenn’s daughter Kristen Corbett who gave her a new heart.

“I cried so much because I can’t believe that someone else has to die so I can live,” Yolanda cried.

Kristen Corbett died in 2009 in a car accident in Austin, Texas.

“Life gave her death, but Kristen gave live,” Glenn, who lives in Billerica, said about her daughter.

When she passed away, Kristen’s heart was donated to Yolanda.

“It’s like I have a new family and this heart is not just mine it belongs to them,” Yolanda said on Friday.

Yolanda flew into Boston to meet her donor family and to take part in a 5k race in honor of Kristen.

“I am going to try and run as much as I can,” Yolanda said.

Glenn said he misses his daughter tremendously, but is thankful she still lives in many ways.

“If Kristen were here right now and God asked her if she would give up her life so someone else can live, she would say yes,” Glenn said.


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