BOSTON (CBS) – Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren both would not rule out the use of military force to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

During a debate on WBZ-TV, moderator Jon Keller asked under what circumstances they would vote to intervene militarily in the affairs of another country.

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While Brown and Warren argued over approach, both made it clear that making sure Iran doesn’t develop a nuclear weapon is a top priority, and all options are on the table.

Brown, a Colonel in the National Guard and a ranking member of the Armed Services Committee said sanctions and efforts to destabilize Iran’s currency have had some effect, but more needs to be done.

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“We’re going to be working on another resolution to draw that line in the sand and let Iran know where we stand,” Brown said. “We need to do more. But we need to do it with our allies, and we need to do it very quickly.”

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Warren cited Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s approach of promoting a balanced approach that includes diplomacy efforts, development, and defense as the best way to keep the country safe.

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“I think that with Iran, it’s very clear. We cannot have a nuclear Iran,” she said. “I think President Obama has done a really first-rate job of getting out there, using the tools in the tool box, working with other countries to try to bring really effective sanctions against Iran, but also making it clear, he’s taking nothing off the table. That’s the way to go into negotiations.”