WRENTHAM (CBS) – A high school sophomore is the driving force behind a new 9/11 memorial in Wrentham.

Wrentham Boy Scout Troy Neubecker

The memorial is Troy Neubecker’s Eagle Scout Project, a personal tribute on the front lawn of the Wrentham Town Hall dedicated to the victims and first responders of the attacks.

The 15-year-old raised $22,000 and designed the layout that includes a timeline of the day and meaningful symbols.

“I was kind of young at the time,” says Troy, “but once my parents explained it when I was older, I definitely thought it was important to have something to remember.”

Neubecker was just four years old when the attacks happened. He says, “I definitely can’t say I completely understand 9/11, I just know that it is a big event and needs to be addressed.”

Diane Marshall lost her sister Judy LaRocque in the attacks and the memorial touches her deeply.

“When I think of Judy I think of her curly hair and her smile,” says Diane. “It’s good; people will remember, I think it’s very important.”

Diane’s daughter Elisha says it’s helping their town to never forget.

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“It shows that the world is keeping the memory alive, it shows that they are not lost,” says Elisha.

And for Troy that was the ultimate goal. Getting his Eagle Badge is just a bonus.

“The fact that people are more than happy makes me proud to be able to present this to them,” he says.