DARTMOUTH (CBS) – There have been two arrests in the case of the stolen cows in Dartmouth.

According to the The Herald News, 19-year-old Jordan Rebello of New Bedford and a juvenile were taken into custody Monday.

They are now charged with breaking and entering, larceny, and destruction of property in the theft of 49 cows from a communal farm in town on September 1.

dartmouth cow 2 Arrested In Dartmouth Stolen Cows Case

One of the stolen cows found in Pennsylvania Sept. 3, 2012.

The herd was worth $50,000.

The cows are owned by Ahmed Mahmoud, who rented property on the farm.

39 were tracked down at a livestock auction in New Holland, Pennsylvania. The rest were found in Medway.

Mahmoud told the paper he’s bought cattle from the juvenile in the past and that five of the cows had to be sent to slaughter because they were “badly roughed up.”

He also claims he still hasn’t gotten them back because they are all in quarantine.


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