By Bree Sison, WBZ-TV

DUNSTABLE (CBS)- A family hoping to pay it forward got a boost from their neighbors cleaning up a damaged corn maze.

Goss Farm in Dunstable hosts an annual Fall maze but earlier this month severe weather knocked over a third of the five-acre plot.

“I feel like it was almost like a mini-tornado,” said Zach Goss, 20, as he surveyed the fallen stalks.

Zach and his younger brother Ben, 17, say their family wasn’t the same after the August 4th storm.

“For the week after that, it was just so quiet around the house. No one knew what to do,” said Ben. For the youngest Goss, the harm was to more than just the business.

This year the family planned to donate a portion of their proceeds to the Travis Roy Foundation, a group that helps enhance the lives of people with spinal cord injuries.

“The foundation gave me a grant for $5,000 to modify my truck [and] get it equipped so I can drive it,” said Ben Goss, 17.

Ben was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident three years ago. New features on his Toyota Tacoma, paid for by Roy’s foundation, allow Ben to get in and out of the truck on his own.

“It was complete and total independence. He thinks he no longer needs us,” said Ben’s mother Jodi.

A crowd answered the Goss family’s call for help. Extended family and friends walked the maze on Saturday, picking up pieces and assembling fences to hold up blown over corn stalks.

“They’ve been really, really good to us. Good friends, good cause and what else would we be doing on a Saturday?” laughed Stephen Armato as he picked up debris on the path.

The family that never gives up says they’ll be ready to raise some money in September.

“Hopefully it amounts to a lot because I’d love to help people just the way he helped me,” said Ben.


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