NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (CBS) – The Wednesday morning storm caused a water spout to form at Quonset Point in Rhode Island.

Rick LaSalle, Jr., was preparing to take his commercial driving license exam when he spotted the funnel cloud and started taking pictures.

“There it was, it came out of the clouds and kept coming lower and lower and lower until it finally touched the ground. Then when I saw it I had to take a picture of it,” LaSalle told WBZ-TV.

He says the instructors postponed the exam and everyone just stood and watched the sky.

“I’ve never seen anything like that, I was pretty amazed. It was pretty cool to watch it form in the middle of the air and then it swirled all the way down to the ground,” said LaSalle.

LaSalle said that the funnel took about 10-to-12 minutes to form, but once it hit the water and nearby shoreline, it quickly dissipated.


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