By Keesa McKoy, CBS Boston

LONDON (CBS) – After months of preparation, members of the Groton Dunstable Regional High School Chamber Chorus finally were able to revel in their hard work. Loud applause erupted after each song of their almost 35 minute set, inciting more energy from the students and choir director Timothy Savoy. Shouts of song requests along with whispers of “they are so good” and “where are they from” moved around the crowd gathered to hear them sing in Victoria Park at BT London Live.

Their walk from the stage to their bus was filled with giggles and laughter from the students, expressing their excitement because of how well received they were by the London audience.

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“The students and parents have invested so much, and I am so proud of them,” said Dean of Students Rick Arena, who accompanied the chorus as a chaperone and supporter. “They were amazing up there.”

The disappointing news that their first performance in Weymouth had been cancelled due to low spectator turnout had initially put a damper on the students’, chaperones and Savoy’s spirits. The roar of applause and cheers, however, immediately lifted spirits and set the bar high for their upcoming performances.

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Participants say being on stage in front of a new audience was amazing.

“Seeing the crowd slowly come in was just fantastic,” said Finn Garvey, a tenor in the chorus. “I think we had a ton of energy, something I have never quite seen before, I’m glad to be here.”

The students and parents had to raise about $130,000 to get to London for their one-week stay. They accomplished that feat in late April, with the support of their communities, friends, families and a variety of fundraisers.

Keesa McKoy, Victoria Price and Matthew Reed are students at Boston University, spending their summer internships reporting from the London Olympics for CBS Boston.


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