A Blog by Gary LaPierre

   Gosh people can get nasty nowadays, and it’s getting worse all the time.   I suppose one could argue that even Gary LaPierre is contributing to the divisiveness in our world today with some of the items posted on this site and they may not be wrong.    But following more than four decades in reasonably objective journalism, day in and day out, I had no idea we’d be at this point with a simple, usually subjective point of view.   There is no middle ground anymore and I’d like to suggest to my ultra liberal friends and family…..”chill a bit….just chill.”    Make a run to Maine or California, tell the doctor you’ve got a migraine and the Kush doc will give you a little weed to inhale…..”chill.”

     I was sorta, but not totally surprised by the bitterness, the venom spewing from the readers keyboards over a subject as simple as legalizing pot.   I’m against it, its creating problems in the states where it is legal and I’d vote it down. But take a look at the feedback to my “blog” on the subject and you’d think I had dishonored their sister.   It can’t be as simple as “I’m against it and you’re for it”, its name calling.   One guy calls me Mr. Dip Ship and says my argument against legalizing weed is the dumbest thing he’s ever seen.   Another simply suggests I’m just too old to have an opinion worth listening to.   The kicker was the guy who challenged why WBZ employes me…(I’m not an employee there) and his conclusion was….”Hey LaPierre, you down a bottle of Tylenol and I’ll smoke an ounce of cannabis and we’ll see which one of us wakes up in the morning.”    Brilliant eh?    Tell me that guy ain’t one toke over the line already.

     There’s just no discourse anymore…no discussion, particularly in politics. To my lefty friends, if you identify yourself as a Conservative, you’re just stupid.  If you are anti Barack, you’re probably a racist.  If you watch Fox News, you’re  probably trailer trash.

     Hey, can’t we all just get along?     I didn’t think so.


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