BOSTON (CBS) –  CSNNE’s Gary Tanguay took to Twitter over the weekend and listed all the Red Sox who aren’t the clubhouse “snitch.”

Manager Bobby Valentine made a remark to rookie third baseman Will Middlebrooks back in June, saying “nice inning kid” after he had a couple of errors in the field. Whoever the “snitch” was went to GM Ben Cherington, who then approached Valentine about the situation.

So Toucher & Rich broke down Tanguay’s Tweets, and when it was all said and done, the last player standing was John Lackey.

Tanguay joined Toucher & Rich Monday morning, and although he wouldn’t say it was Lackey, he didn’t deny it.

“I was told off the record who it was, and I said I’d let everyone else figure it out,” said Tanguay.

“Somebody told me; on the record I was told who it wasn’t,” he said. “Off the record I was told who it was.”

If it was/is Lackey, who hasn’t pitched this season after undergoing Tommy John surgery, why did Cherington listen?

“You don’t know how Cherington approached Bobby. You don’t know if it was ‘hey, this jerk stabbed you in the back’ or ‘hey, this was brought to my attention,'” noted Tanguay. “If it was brought up to him, we all have a right to know our accuser.”

Tanguay said it makes sense that Lackey could be the one doing the “tattling” on Bobby V, among other things.

“The reality is, when Lackey showed up things went south,” said Tanguay. “A lot of people are blaming Beckett for being the bad influence. I think Lackey is as bad as an influence on Beckett than anybody. That pitching staff lost it’s soul. John Farrell left, Lackey came in and he’s a guy of questionable character anyways. That’s when it all went south.”

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