BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Bruins forward Shawn Thornton checked in with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich Thursday morning, filling them in on his busy offseason workout regime.

Last year at this time, the Bruins were still celebrating their Stanley Cup championship. This time around players are actually resting up in preparation for next season.

“It was crazy,” Thornton said of last offseason. “I kind of knew what to expect because I went through it with Anaheim, but it’s very abbreviated. You basically get two months to get ready for the start of the season.”

The Bruins have a lot more than two months to rest and start their off-season training. Thornton only takes three weeks off before he starts getting back into shape, but says that is more of a personal thing.

“I start pretty quick but I ease back into it. It’s only because I’m vain and I don’t want to get fat,” he joked. “I’d say mid-June I start amping it up and then I go full throttle.”

Thornton said he trains six times a week, including four days of two-a-day sessions.

“Mondays I work out in the morning, do some track work after that and then box in the afternoon. Tuesdays I train in the morning, same thing, and do jujitsu in the afternoon. Then Wednesdays I just a run and some track work. Thursday is the same as Wednesday. Friday I Box, Saturday I do jujitsu and run.”

Thornton has been boxing for years, but he just started doing jujitsu.

“It’s a learning experience,” he said. “It’s something new to do instead of going back to the gym and do a bike ride at 6:00 at night. Now I can go and wrestle with grown men.”

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Never afraid to throw down the gloves, we’ll see if Thornton has a few new moves on the ice come October.

The Bruins have not done much in free agency this summer, but they did retain both Gregory Campbell and Daniel Paille, who along with Thornton make up a strong fourth line for Boston.

“I’m happy; I have my linemates back,” said Thornton. “That’s great for myself. We know each other so well on the ice we don’t even have to talk. I’m extremely happy to have those guys back.”

While he is happy to have them back, Thornton said there isn’t much talk between his fellow “Merlot-liners” during the offseason. But he explained why, while also taking a friendly shot at T&R.

“I think because we’re around each other so much we don’t have to talk over the summer. We get back in training camp and it’s like we never left. I’m sure you guys — well maybe you guys don’t have friends like that — but I’m sure there are friends you can call up a year later and you haven’t missed a beat; it’s the same with us.”

Thornton is one of the few Bruins that sticks around the Boston area year-round.

“If you have to put up with the winters in New England, you mine as well enjoy the summers in Boston,” he joked.


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