BROCKTON (CBS) – There’s a new fight against prostitution going on in Brockton. A resident of the city says she’s mad as heck and she and her friends aren’t going to take it anymore.

“It’s time that somebody puts their foot down and puts a stop to it,” says Suzanne Pocius-Ford, a lifelong Brockton resident.

She’s tired of what she sees in her neighborhood and so is her mother.

“I think it’s disgusting. I look out my window and that’s all I see is a corner full of hookers,” says Elaine Geezil.

“The guys come here. They know to come to Haverhill and Main St. when they’re looking for somebody to be with,” said Pocius-Ford.

Pocius-Ford is taking matters into her own hands. She has started protesting by holding up a large sign reading “Stop Prostitution in Brockton” on the same corner where the prostitutes usually stand.

“I’m just asking them to move. I’m actually almost in tears right now because I’ve had enough,” she said. “When I get up on a Sunday morning there are 3 or 4 girls out here.”

It’s not just that she’s opposed to prostitution; but Pocius-Ford says she and other women who aren’t prostitutes are being approached by cruising johns. The victims include her friend’s teenage daughter.

“She’s been propositioned by the johns actually yelling out the window, ‘you want to make some money?’ She’s come home from school quite a few times in tears,” Pocius-Ford said.

The number of prostitution arrests is on the rise in Brockton, and Pocius-Ford’s neighborhood is about to get even more attention.

“We plan on targeting that area specifically in the coming weeks,” says Brockton Police Lt. Paul Bonanca.

But the police can only do so much. In the meantime, Pocius-Ford is recruiting people to join her to reclaim the streets.

“Let them go to where they live and stand on the end of their street or where their mother lives, and let the guys pick them up there,” she said.

Pocius has also started reporting license plate numbers of suspected johns to the Brockton police.


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