BOSTON (CBS) – A string of church break-ins have pastors south of Boston on edge.

Ten churches have been hit in several towns over the past week.

The thieves are reportedly swiping collection boxes and taking from food pantries, but leaving the expensive audio/visual gear and other electronics untouched.

The parishes are also worried about property damage because the perpetrators have pried open deadbolts, and windows and cut through screens to gain entry.

Four churches in Middleboro, two in Mansfield, and one each in East Bridgewater, Rockland, Plymouth, and Marion have been hit.

The intruders have made a big mess, but apparently they have left from several of the churches empty-handed.

Police suspect the intruders are seeking drug money, but the pastors are quick to offer compassion for the thieves’ broken lives.

“We hope that whoever it is finds help,” said Reverend Bruce Smith.

Rev. Jason Genest said, “On Sunday morning we actually pray for the people that are responsible for a change of heart.”

Police say they have some solid forensic leads and pastors hope a simple truth will end the break-ins: There is never any money in the church.


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