With the trade deadline looming at 4:00pm today, Gresh and Zo open the show by talking about the swirling rumors with the Boston Red Sox.

“Today is the day that Ben Cherington has to decide whether they are going to stand pat, go for it, or sell off a few pieces of this team,” said Gresh. “We’ve seen what we’ve seen before, which is a little bit of a surge, a winning streak, hope.”

“I’m stuck,” said Zolak. “The team is what it is. They’re talented and they’re going to go through these spurts. Are you shocked they’re on a three-game win streak?”

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“The problem here is you have no takers for Josh Beckett,” said Zo.”You hear they’re trying to make a trade for (Cleveland’s Justin) Masterson. What is going to fix what they have? You want to trade Beckett for another quality pitcher; who is going to do that? Ben Cherington is stuck.”

“If I’m Ben Cherington, I’m changing the culture of this clubhouse. I’m going to eat salary and I’m going to send Josh Beckett away,” said Zo.

“I don’t want to say he’s at a crossroads today, I just think his hands are tied. There is nothing he can do,” said Gresh.

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“The best thing for this team, if I’m Ben Cherington, I have to go to John Henry – bypassing Larry Lucchino and in many ways pull a Theo move – and say ‘John, here is my baseball evaluation. Here are the things we could do and give me the opportunity to do them and be the general manager.’ That’s the only hope,” added Gresh.

“What I think is going to happen is nothing,” said Gresh. “I’ve all but convinced myself that I don’t think they’re going to make a trade.”


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