FOXBORO (CBS) – The Patriots will have Monday off, so we’ll take a look at how they spend their Sunday.

It was Day 4 of Pats Camp on Sunday, and the team was back out there in pads for the second straight day. Here are a few items that were noticed out on the field:

– Because of his fumbling issues late last season, Stevan Ridley seems to be holding the ball differently with a more high and tight approach.  This is the same remedy the Giants had for Tiki Barber when he had fumbling problems, so hopefully this helps the second-year back.

Ridley is going to be the Pats primary running back this year, and fumbling can’t happen. But he told reporters he believes that this year everybody will lean on each other.

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“It’s a team effort. We have a group of running backs that can all play,” he said. “We all do things differently and we all do them well. For me, I’m just going in there trying to pull my load, as coach says, and so are the other guys. Regardless of who it is going to be, one of us is going to be the starting guy and the next will be ready to step up when we’re tired.”

– Undrafted linebacker Justin Francis showed some pop in Sunday’s practice.  Francis was carted off the field on Saturday with an apparent knee injury but was back out there and hitting.  This got him noticed by us, and I’m sure the coaching staff as well.

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– Rob Gronkowski had a rough Day 4.  The usually sure-handed tight end dropped a pair of passes and one of them led to an interception.  That’s not like Gronk and everyone seemed to take notice.

– I hate saying this because of his number and I don’t want to jinx him, but number-85 Brandon Lloyd has been the star in camp.  The receiver continues to make great play after great play. He’s toasted the secondary many times and tight roped the sideline on numerous occasions.  He is right now the person to pay attention in camp.

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