MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – A case of mistaken identity may have led to a kidnapping and standoff at a Manchester, New Hampshire apartment building.

The ordeal started across state lines on Monday in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Court papers detail how a man and his friend were thrown into a white van.

They were confronted by armed men wearing shirts with “Police” printed on them and were repeatedly kicked and punched.

The kidnappers thought one of the people they kidnapped was someone named “Nene” and they wanted money from him.

When the victim told the kidnappers he was not “Nene” they still demanded money.

One of the men being held managed to escape through a window the next morning while the kidnappers were sleeping.

The victim ran and began knocking on doors for help.

The police and SWAT team were called in and the second victim was found.

Officers also found a loaded 9mm handgun and police paraphernalia inside the home.

The men who allegedly carried out the kidnapping were arrested and taken into custody. They are facing federal kidnapping charges.


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