By Keesa McKoy, CBS Boston Student Reporter

LONDON (CBS) – Searing heat in London has put Olympic transportation woes on the tongues of residents and visitors to London.

The heat caused severe train delays on some of the major Tube lines and cancelled service to some of the important Olympic venue stops, worrying people that the transportation system may not hold up during the Olympics.

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(Photo Credit: Keesa McKoy)

About three million additional daily journeys are expected during the actual games. Consequently, additional bus routes and designated Olympic lanes have been added, as well as changes to several train routes, to accommodate the need to get to key areas of the city.

Visitors, residents and athletes are also advised to give themselves ample time to get to events and around London during the Olympics.

Transportation is as an important element of the games, as proven in the 1996 Atlanta summer Olympics. Poor transportation preparation then caused several athletes to miss events.

Avoiding a repeat, London has invested about 500 million pounds into the transportation system, while also stressing the importance of planning ahead.

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Amidst all the planning, some Londoners feel the city will be able to cope with the influx of people, while others brace for the delays and transportation hiccups that a major event like the Olympics may cause.

Keesa McKoy is a student at Boston University, spending her summer internship reporting from the London Olympics for CBS Boston.


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