Rich was on his way to the Apple store to get his phone looked at when he heard someone in the area yelling very loudly. He thought about stopping to figure out what was going on, but needed to make his appointment.

After 25 minutes in the store Rich walked outside and right across the street was the person he heard earlier and he was still yelling, so Rich went up to figured out what this guy was very upset about something. As he got closer Rich could tell this guys had a problem with one of his “hoes.”

Yes this guy’s a pimp and he’s yelling at everyone on the street about one of his hoes and drugs and using some colorful language while doing so. You can hear all the jewelery he was wearing clinking around as the two talk. At one point Rich asked William if they could move away from the families walking around while they chatted due to the language.

William “The Pimp” won’t fill Rich on the number of ladies he has working for him, but he guarantees his girls are high class. Then he just breaks out the pimp talk and just starts rhyming everything and fills Rich in on a what a tough day at work is for a pimp.


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