It may be Kevin Youkilis’ return to Fenway Park Monday night, but it also marks the return of Carl Crawford to the Red Sox lineup.

Although Boston started their unofficial second half of the season against the Rays this weekend, Scott Zolak thinks their “real” second half begins with the White Sox coming to town for four games.

“I think this is where it gets interesting in the second half. I know they did what they needed to do, taking two of three from the Rays, but I think their second half begins tonight,” said Zolak.

Crawford has yet to suit up for the Red Sox this season after battling a slew of ailments starting in spring training. Zolak is very excited to have Crawford back, and is hoping the Red Sox’ big free agent signing of last season starts to play to his potential.

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“There is a likability of Carl Crawford. I can’t say ‘this is the one thing I love this guy for,’ but dammit I’m rooting for this guy!” said Zolak. “I’ve been saying this since they signed the guy. I like him and I’m looking forward to him playing. He killed this team when he was in Tampa. The guy, almost to a sense, works out too much — over-pushes himself. To the limit to maybe he’s hurt himself.”

Gresh meanwhile is not so sure Crawford will add all that much to the Red Sox. If anything, it will just lead to a logjam of lefties in the lineup.

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 “Did you pay $142 million for CC to be the number-seven hitter?” asked Gresh. “However you fill the lineup out, and you try to (go lefty-righty), you’re not back to the conundrum you were in last year.”

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