Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski bared all for ESPN’s annual “Body Issue,” and he appears on one of the covers with only a little logo covering his junk.

Toucher & Rich discussed why a magazine aimed at men has a feature issue involving nude male athletes. T&R came up with an idea of putting together their own “Body Issue” involving members of the Boston Sports Lodge.

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Read: Nude Rob Gronkowski Graces Cover Of ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’

So the guys sent Adolfo out to get some thoughts on members of the lodge from the public. With pictures of Damon Amendolara, Joe Haggerty and Glenn Ordway in hand this time, Adolfo found the same guy from the Back Bay Fens to get his thoughts on this group of… hunks.

Things started off with the guy hitting on Adolfo once again, and then it gets a little more creepy. The two start off talking about D.A., but the guy thinks he is too clean and has a horse face. Then they got to Ordway and the guy thinks he looks very ticklish and would love to feed him some steak. He’d also love to break out his sketch pad and draw a little.

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Listen: Toucher & Rich: The Boston Sports Lodge ‘Body Issue’ Day 1

Things got a little more interesting once they got to Haggerty though. He’d love to feed Haggerty some dessert, throw him in a bath and dress him up a little.

Listen at your own risk…

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