SCITUATE (CBS) – The already-struggling New England fishing industry could be looking at a new problem.

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The state is investigating a disease that has been affecting striped bass.

The sickness is leaving the fish with ugly, red ulcers.

The state first took notice of the ulcers back in 2006 and determined it was a form of bacteria.

But now, marine biologists are concerned the bacteria may be spreading.

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That has fishermen worried about their catch.

Rob Green operates a charter boat out of Scituate and like other fishermen, he’s been hearing of striped bass showing up in Massachusetts waters with lesions or ulcers on them.

“It’s always a concern if there’s something happening like that. I haven’t noticed any sores on them myself,” Green said.

Scientists to our south believe the bacteria may be coming from the pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. The fish migrate up and down the East Coast every year.

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“If there’s something going on, we need to find out what it is,” said charter boat captain Don Campbell. “It’s very important for us to find out.”