By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

LYNN (CBS) – A 13-year-old Lynn boy is hospitalized with severe burns after an experiment with fire and windshield fluid went out of control.

Fire officials say Jamie Frederick and two friends got access to a product called “Splash,” windshield washer mixed with anti-freeze, which is highly flammable.

“They had a cap, poured it in the cap and lit it on fire. They liked what they saw and poured some more on and it flared,” said Lynn fire chief Bob Bourgeois.

Ana Mota witnessed the accident while sitting on her porch, and saw Jamie Frederick running toward her on fire.

“He was crying, running and yelling. He had burns on his face and chest. His hair had a pony tail and his hair got burned and it was white,” said Mota.

She says the teen was trying to hug her and she grabbed water and a towel to help.

“I put it on his chest and face and he started to calm down. That’s when the ambulance came,” she said.

She says one boy told her they wanted to see “how it would go”. But the fire chief says he can’t underestimate the danger they put themselves in, and had a warning for parents.

“Read the labels, and keep it away from kids. This is flammable liquid and should be in a locked, metal cabinet,” said chief Bourgeois.

Jamie Frederick has been transferred to Shriner’s hospital in Boston, where a family member says he’s expected to be treated for at least two weeks.

Beth Germano


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