BOSTON (CBS) –  With David Ortiz clubbing his 400th career home run in Oakland on Wednesday, Tony Massarotti brought up the age-old discussion: Is Ortiz a Hall of Famer?

“I do have a Hall of Fame vote, and as of today, I still say no to Ortiz,” said Mazz. “The 400 home runs means zero to me anymore.” For his 16-year career, Ortiz has collected 1,849 hits and 1,321 RBI, has a .284 batting average and slugged .547. The numbers are very close to those of Edgar Martinez, who spent most of his career as a DH with the Mariners and is not in the Hall of Fame.

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“Having watched them both, Edgar Martinez was a more skilled hitter (and he’s not in). He’s not going to get in, but I do think there is some discrimination that takes place against designated hitters and Martinez is a victim of that,” said Mazz. “Ortiz will get that same discrimination, and was on the ’03 list for testing positive for PEDs.”

Mazz also notes that of the 49 players who have hit 400 homers, of the 32 of those eligible for the Hall of Fame only 24 have gotten into Cooperstown.

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Mazz also notes the game has changed significantly, and 400 home runs really isn’t what it used to be. “You can’t look at 400 home runs now as you did 20 years ago,” said Mazz.

What is your take? Does David Ortiz belong in the Hall of Fame conversation? Sound off in the comments section!


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