LAWRENCE (CBS) – Two men from Nashua, New Hampshire were spotted attempting to use heroin outside the Lawrence Police Station on Monday.

Ilyass Nabih and Thony Sengsoulya were arrested in a restricted parking area right outside the police station.

“The officer observed a vehicle parked in a police parking spot, which is restricted area for police vehicles only and the car was actually at an angle where it was taking up a couple of spots,” Lawrence Police Chief John Romero said.

The officer who approached the haphazardly parked vehicle witnessed what he called attempted drug use.

“As he approached the window he observed the individuals appear to be using drugs and then he opened the door to an individual who was about to shoot up heroin,” explained Romero.

The men acknowledged their mistake, but are now facing heroin related charges.

“His answer to the officer was just something to the effect of ‘I’m stupid,’” said Romero.