By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – On hot days, Abdul Barrie can never be too prepared.

A lot of people are counting on him, like the folks at St. Marks Church in Roxbury.

“We’re here to see what’s wrong and to get them back online,” he explains while walking behind the church.

Barrie, who is the President of Environmental Systems Engineering, has a van full of tools and nearly two decades of experience to get just about anyone’s air conditioning turned back on.

“We understand it’s really hot, and on a day like this it’s hard to be patient. So we try to get to everyone as fast as we can,” Barrie said.

The Church Sexton Will Cooper was relieved to hear the AC click on.

“Hearing that sound is like an angel,” he said.

Barrie’s phones ring non-stop in the heat

At a home in Brookline, he cleaned the air conditioning units and located a broken compressor.

The owner, Maureen Balsbaugh says she is grateful for the quick response in the oppressive heat.

“We called Abdul, and there you go! All fixed!” She said.

His next stop was Suds Laundromat in Mattapan.

He’s checking on their air conditioning units to make sure they are still working, after fixing them a day early.

Andre Robinson of Suds calls it a “lifesaving, excellent job!”

Barrie started at 6 am and wasn’t sure when his day would be over.

He understands his customers need him.

While Barrie is always on the go, he still gets to enjoy the AC in his van while driving between jobs.

“It feels great. This is what the homeowners feel like when I’m finished… Trying to enjoy a little AC myself… Ready to go to the next stop,” he said.


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