Gresh & Zo discuss the ESPN report that says the situation within the Red Sox clubhouse is full of tension and unhappiness.

Is Bobby Valentine to blame? Is he just a fake manager and a puppet for Red Sox management?

“Why don’t they like their manager? It could be because Larry Lucchino is regarded as the guy who hired him.” Andy Gresh said. “So if you don’t like Lucchino, you’re automatically not going to like Bobby Valentine. And he’s going to have to be a wizard in that clubhouse and in the dugout to get some people to believe if they don’t like the president, or if they think somehow they got hoodwinked.”

While the report from ESPN didn’t specify exactly who was upset and what they were upset about, Scott Zolak said the sight of John Lackey in the dugout just isn’t a comforting image.

“We killed [Jacoby] Ellsbury in the past for not being around the team [when he was injured], and for whatever reason, it annoys the hell out of me that you sit there and you look at the dugout, and there’s [John] Lackey, and there’s [Carl] Crawford. Why can we get annoyed by that when we wanted Ellsbury around the team? I think we need to be fair when you look at that situation: Should hurt guys be around the team?”