HAVERHILL (CBS) – Nearly two years after an aortic aneurysm left him paraplegic, cardiologist Dr. Michael Jacuch, had a chance to get back on the golf course on Friday in Haverhill.

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Fellow paraplegic Jerry Donovan, who Jacuch met in rehab, had him trying out a high-tech wheel chair called the Paragolfer.

“All disabled people want to do is normal stuff,” Donovan pointed out. “What’s more normal than being out on the golf course with your friends?”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

The adjustable chair can move golfers into a standing position, allowing them to take a real swing at the ball.

Jacuch says absolutely thrilled to be able to try out the device.

“I lost a lifestyle. I know that lifestyle is not coming back. But as much as I can get, I’m willing to try,” he said.

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Perhaps the best part for Jacuch isn’t the golf.

“Hard to explain. It’s awesome to be able to look someone in the eye. The things I can do when I’m standing… to be able to give my wife a hug, she doesn’t have to bend over. I can grab my little girl and pick her up. I can’t explain to you how much of a difference this could make,” Jacuch said. “I just chased my daughter around. How can you put that into words? It’s amazing.”

The chair costs about $20,000 and Mike is hooked. His next step is finding a way for his family to afford it.

Friends of Jacuch are raising money to try and get him the chair.

With the chair, there is also the possibility of getting him back into the operating room performing life-saving surgeries.

If you’d like to connect with Mike, he told us it was ok to give out this email address: mjacuch@aol.com

Online: Northeast Accessible Golf Association

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