By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Marybeth Banks was in court Wednesday as the man who was hired to kill her was sentenced to 29 years behind bars.

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz is pleased with the sentence, which is what her office had sought. Ortiz said, “This is a terribly violent offense and it was done for mere dollars.”

27-year-old Dorian Membreno says Banks’ ex-boyfriend, Anthony DeJoseph, hired him to kill Banks, for a price of seven to ten thousand dollars. He followed her around for a day, before ambushing her in her car outside of her parents’ Pembroke home.

Banks described the details of the horrific attack in court Wednesday. She was shot at five times, and hit twice. She is still impacted physically and emotionally today.

Before he was sentenced, Membreno apologized to Banks, and told her he hopes that she will be able to enjoy her life. But he never turned and looked at her as he spoke.

Membreno was born in Nicaragua, and appears he is living in the U.S. illegally, as his deportation process was discussed in court.

US Attorney Ortiz said she hopes this sentence will be a deterrent. “If you get caught committing this kind of an offense, we are going to prosecute it to the greatest extent of the law and I think that is what happened here.”


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