By Mark Saidnawey, WBZ Garden Expert, Owner - Pemberton Garden Services

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s June and that means it’s time to make sure our gardens are protected from the many bad insects that are eating their way through our plants, leaving them unattractive and often struggling for survival.

There are several ways to protect our plants from being eaten; systemic chemicals, horticultural oil and insecticidal soap sprays, homemade remedies and my favorite, beneficial insects.

My personal favorite are ladybugs.

If you see these little guys in your garden that usually means there are bad bugs around so welcome them in and let them help you control the bugs that are eating their way through your plants.

Ladybugs can be purchased online or often at your local garden center.

They love to eat Aphids, those tiny “bad bugs” that basically suck the life out of many plants.

Honeysuckle, Nasturtiums, Yarrow, tomatoes, and many other species of plants are favorite meals for Aphids.

Always located at the top of your plants where the newer growth of a plant is weakest, these bugs multiply fast and can cause severe damage.

If you see these or other “bad” insects in your garden, it’s time to act, so be sure to ask your local gardening expert for the various ways to fight the battle.

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