Following their Game 7 loss to the Miami Heat, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett left the floor without shaking hands.

While it’s not uncommon in the NBA, will this leave a black eye on both Garnett and Rondo’s reputations?

“We’ve seen guys in this town do it before. It’s hard to defend,” said Zolak.

“My initial reaction was yours; if it was LeBron he would got killed,” said Gresh. “He did it in 2010, and what happened? He got killed here and everywhere. But I do think there is a little bit of a difference and it goes back to the leadership of Kevin Garnett, and how some of that has rubbed off on Rajon Rondo.”

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“KG does things his own way and doesn’t worry about it,” said Gresh. “It’s good to have that militant part of you, but is (Rondo) going to become smart enough to lead at the same time while having that.”

Garnett changed the culture when he came to the Celtics prior to the 2008 season. Can Rondo take the mantle from KG when Garnett leaves Boston or retires?

“I don’t think he has that full package yet,” said Zolak, “and if it is blow-up mode, he goes from four to one with the leadership role; and that’s if he’s ready or not. On the court, he’s the guy that makes it go. He’s one of those leaders with actions. But you have to be able to carry it throughout the whole process; on the court and off the court.”

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“If KG would have stayed out there and done the hugs and the high-fives, does Rondo stick around?” wondered Zolak. “I still think Rondo answers to him, and when he’s gone, who is in charge of this kid?”


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