BOSTON (CBS) – Prosecutors revealed some new alleged tidbits about Whitey Bulger’s life on the run on Friday.

In a court filing recommending a 10-year prison sentence for Bulger’s longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig, the US Attorney’s office outlined Greig’s role in Santa Monica, where the couple was arrested after 16 years in hiding.

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Read: Greig Court Filing

“Greig not only concealed Bulger from law enforcement but did, herself, commit multiple additional felonies in order to protect him from capture,” Prosecutors said. “This is no garden variety harboring case. It is the most extreme case of harboring this District has seen.”

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The court document also described Bulger as “a high fear, or high anxiety, patient” and noted that Greig helped Bulger get necessary medical and dental treatments.

“The medical and dental records also show that Bulger had a fear of shots – he described himself in one written form as a ‘dental chicken, from Chicago.’ The medical records show that Greig was present during medical procedures to calm him down.”

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The court document also says Bulger told officials that Greig helped him control himself and his temper during their time on the run.