CARLISLE (CBS) – A community is looking for answers after the Department of Conservation and Recreation shut down a popular ice cream stand.

The stand on Great Brook Farm in Carlisle has been a popular spot for years and was suddenly closed on Friday.

The DCR says the family who runs the farm did some work to improve the ice cream stand without the proper permits.

“This is public property and we are aware of that and should be held to a high standard,” says Farmer Mark Duffy.

Duffy has been running the stand for 26 years. He needs it to help his bottom-line and says he’s working with the state to make things right.

“In order to ensure public health and safety, DCR temporarily closed the stand pending completion and review of health and safety tests,” the department said in statement. “We are working with the business operator and local and state officials to reopen the stand.”


Kate Merrill

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