We are still stuck in the muck this morning with a low deck of clouds, areas of fog, and spotty drizzle. Winds are calm and variable.  A slow cold front is pushing through New England today which will provide enough lift and pooling of moisture to keep the clouds around for much of the day, along with light onshore winds. The good news is we are looking at a gradual weekend improvement. High pressure in Canada will be sliding south from Hudson bay supplying cooler and dry air from Canada. That dry air will begin to erode some of the low cloud cover this afternoon…with breaks of sun forming inland. The front will stall as it approaches SE MA…so clouds will remain pretty locked in at the coast for much of the day. With light onshore winds….expect temps to remain in the 50’s with Lwr-mid 60’s farther inland away from the cooler water temps and closer to where there will be some partial afternoon sunshine in the North and West.

Clouds will linger into the evening with a stalled front just off the coast and light NNE winds. A few breaks may allow for a few glimpses of the Full Super Flower Moon tonight…but clouds will dim the view for sure. Not the best night for star gazing. Areas of fog could redevelop overnight…as skies will try to clear.  7:42 PM is the moonrise…when you have the best chance of seeing the moon breaking over the horizon giving off the optical illusion of a HUGE moon as light is bent thanks to the curvature of the earth.. 11:35 PM is when the moon will be at it’s fullest and brightest. Again…it will be tough to see. Consider yourself lucky if the clouds break enough for viewing.

Sunday is the pick of the weekend with building high pressure sliding in from Canada. Early morning clouds and fog will lift giving way to increasing sunshine. Highs will warm into the 60’s to near 70 inland, with a cooler breeze at the coast keeping temps in the 50’s near 60. After a week of clouds and cool, damp conditions…tomorrow will be very welcome and feel fantastic to finally feel the sun again in full

Monday High pressure will be over us making for a beautiful day with light and variable winds which will shift to the SSW later in the day as the high pushes off the coast. Highs will spike into the 60’s and Lwr 70’s with mostly sunny skies. Monday will likely be the pick of the week.

Light Southerly winds on Tuesday will make for a mild start, but rain will be advancing quickly from west to east during the morning hours thanks to a low moving from the midwest, up through the Great Lakes and tracking up into Upstate New York. The low’s warm front will be the trigger for showers or even a thunderstorm. Winds will be shift to the SE with the proximity of this front. Cooler onshore winds will cool temps back into the 50’s and Lwr 60’s. Rain could be heavy for a time with up to 1″ of rain possible…tapering to showers by the afternoon.

As the cold front approaches the coast a few more showers will linger into Wednesday, especially in southern New England. Now if this front pushes off the coast…we could be looking at skies clearing with a quick improvement for the end of the week weather. The problem is we will have to watch out for wave of low pressure to track up this front up the coast and into New England, possibly keeping another round of rain over us into Thursday. A trough will slide from the west coast to the east coast and be in place at this time to allow for a slowing to the pattern and a moist feed up the coast. At this point, I am leaning towards that second wave up the coast…but it will have to be watched. A definiote wet and unsettled look for the Tues-Thurs time frame.

Once that is gone, next weekend should be dry with seasonal temperatures. Not many signs of any real warmth able to penetrate into the northeast for the forseeable future with a reinforced trough in the northeast for the next few weeks which will keep temps seasonally cool. Summer will just have to wait for now.



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