FRANKLIN (CBS) – Police are investigating an assault that occurred at Franklin High School Thursday.

Police say video of the incident was uploaded to the Internet and shows one student “sucker punching” another student in the hallways. The victim, who students identify as Cory Pingeton, was injured and required medical attention.

Police have tentatively identified the suspect who fled the school after the assault.

Police say the attack appears to have been planned.

“The video clearly depicts the suspect waiting for the unsuspecting victim to walk by his location, punching him as he walked by,” Franklin Police Chief Stephan Semerjian said in a statement. “Officers believe the reason for the assault is because the suspect thought the victim was talking “trash” about him.”

The suspect and the person who videotaped the incident will be subject to criminal complaints for assault and battery.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong obtained the video from students who say they viewed the attack on their cell phones. It has since been removed from the Internet.