It’s another Wiggy Tuesday as Felger and Mazz were joined by Jermaine Wiggins to discuss the Red Sox win over the Twins last night. What, if anything, can fans take from the win? What positive signs were evident?

The guys also discuss some of the deeper issues that are plaguing the Red Sox, namely the players’ continued sense of entitlement. “On the Red Sox, the players decide where and when they play,” says Felger, and this he says is not the way to run a team.

Felger and Mazz brought up the recent move of Daniel Bard to the bullpen as an example where this is evident. Is he best used as a starter or out of the bullpen?

Felger says, “If you believe that this team can win this year…Daniel Bard’s gotta go to that bullpen. It’s a no-brainer.”

Yet, regardless of where Bard needs to go, says Felger, the quotes from Bard indicating that he is questioning the decision to move him is disturbing.

Two quotes in particular from Bard irked Mazz. One quote refers to the Red Sox organization: “I asked a lot of questions as to what their goals were with this.” Are the Red Sox allowing individual players to question them?

Isn’t this backward? Mazz: “It’s the tail wagging the dog.” The second quote from Bard indicated that he placed a condition on the Red Sox on how often he would pitch out of the bullpen: “going back to back was out of the question.”

Is it reasonable for a player to make these demands?